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  • Jeff D.

Forecasting and Predictions in a Business Environment

Predictive innovation tends to be driven from the imagination of movie and tv producers. From launching into space, time travel, or flying cars, science fiction has played a significant role in the expansion of technology. One of the predictions of innovative technology that came true is the creation of smart home assistance. In the 1999 Disney film Smart house, a robot named PAT which was short for personal Applied Technology responded to different voice commands to include modifying environmental controls in the house, make phone calls, and learn the different habits of the occupants (Bhardwaj, 2017). PAT now comes numerous forms to include the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Cubic, CastleHub and Mycroft. Each of these devices allows for the control of environmental systems, mobile and peer-to-peer communication and all have the capability of deploying machine learning capabilities to help with the predictive behavior of the user.

As we move further into the technology age, the demand for more access to online content, e-commerce, military operations, home automation and autonomous are all underlying contributors to the primary driving forces behind the expansion of cellular networks. 5th Generation telecommunication is providing near-real connectivity over cellular infrastructure. The expansion of the cellular network provides more opportunities for organizations to deploy new and emerging technologies such as the Internet of things (IoT), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI)(AT&T, 2019).

The expansion of 5G also provides revolutions for other aspects of information technology to innovate. The creation of the 5G network will allow for an estimated 20.8 billion devices to be connected to the internet by 2020 (National Geographic, 2018). To support 5G networks the creation and deployment of small cell technology similar to home routers will be deployed in a massive footprint around metropolitan areas. The increasing demands for infrastructure will allow for the creation of a more significant workforce to manage and maintain the 5G support. With any new internet-ready technology ensuring confidentially, integrity and availability is at the forefront of service providers agenda. Some of the 5G security challenges include platform security to include device identification and identity management — security of IoT devices such as smart watches, home automation assistants and sensor technology. Protection of Industrial control systems that could leverage 5G speeds is now apart of the National Security conversation.


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