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Two Factor Authentication Giveaway!

Don't you hate it when your Facebook account gets hacked? The whole process is a giant pain in the butt. After finding out your account has been hacked, you must go through the means of gaining access. First, you have to authenticate yourself and answer challenge questions. Then there is the shameless plug to all your friends. "I've been hacked sorry for anything that was posted" The worst part of this process is creating a new password not currently in use for work, school or other accounts. Why deal with this when you can implement a simple tool to keep your account safe.

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) provides users with an extra layer of security that requires two different inputs to authenticate yourself to a system. Authentication can be something you are i.e. fingerprint, iris scan, or the sound of your voice. Something you know i.e. username and password or something you have i.e. token or smart card. Combining any of these factors together can provide an additional layer of security and help you maintain integrity, availability but most important access to the memes.

To help spread the word, I will be giving away two sets of Yubikeys and will help you implement 2FA. Facebook is one of the many sites that are adopting 2FA. Looking for sites that support 2FA? Check out this link https://twofactorauth.org/.

To enter, please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to www.n6networks.com and click on the subscribe link.

2. Enter your e-mail address. Thats all!

For more information on YubiKeys Click the link below!


For more details on the contest please see below!

1. The contest will be conducted from July 14th through July 29th, 2017. Deadline for entries is July 29th, 2017. Grand prize drawing will be held on July 31st, 2017.

2. You must be 18 years of age or older to win. No purchase necessary. Must be U.S resident. One qualifier per household. You need not be present to win. Void where prohibited.

3. By participating, all entrants acknowledge and agree that they have entered the contest of their own free will, that the full rules and details of the contest have been made available to them in writing, and they therefore understand and agree that neither n6networks their agents, affiliates, sponsors, representatives or employees have any liability with respect to any damages out of acceptance and use of a prize. By entering this promotion, participants agree to be bound by these rules.